Mission Statement

The Anti-Racism Project seeks to educate participants about how institutionalized racism, internalized racism and white privilege feed oppression.  This communal experience culminates in the development of concrete social action plans for racial justice. The Anti-Racism Project is meant to be life-changing; transforming community members into dedicated social change activists working to create a society that is truly egalitarian. 

Our History

After recent racist incidents in our own community, mirroring the rise in hate crimes and hate speech throughout the nation, various groups saw the need to create an open dialogue confronting racism.  The Anti-Racism Project was created in response to the recognition that systemic racism, which has been so entrenched in our history, continues to have a tremendous negative impact. 


While we acknowledge that hate takes many forms and affects many communities, our Project focuses solely on racism as defined by skin color.



The Project offers participants ways to examine the crucial and persistent issue of racism.  Working with facilitators and a well- designed curriculum, drawn from a variety of sources, participants  engage in interactive experiences to examine the realities of institutionalized racism, internalized racism, white privilege, and the myths of immigration in order to understand how they feed ongoing racial injustice.

We offer an eight-week course, mini-workshops and professional development classes.

Our eight-week course over a period of two-to-three months is designed so that all participants have a voice as we respond to the program materials and share our own life experiences.  Ultimately, participants are encouraged to develop, share and implement their own personal social action plans. The experience has proven to have a profound impact, which can be transformative.​


Our 1.5 -2 hour mini-workshops explore racial micro-aggressions, an abridged history of racism in the United States and touch upon white privilege. 


Our professional development classes, which cover similar topics are designed to meet the needs of educators.


The mini-workshops and P.D. classes are designed to encourage participants to think about these issues.  It is our hope that participants will consider a more in-depth exploration by enrolling in our eight-week course. 


No matter which path you choose, we invite you to join us in this important work.

Cohorts 2018-2020

More about our free eight-week course

Working with a diverse group of trained volunteer facilitators, participants will engage in interactive activities, discussions and readings.  Participants will be asked to make a commitment to attend all eight two-hour sessions which will take place over a three-month period. The final session will conclude with sharing our personal action plans for racial justice.

To sign up to be a participant in the Anti-Racism Project please click on the link below and fill out the form: 


This is one of the best and most informative projects I have attended.  In addition to the excellent education on racism, white privilege and ways to challenge the resultant inequities, concrete suggestions on becoming an anti-racist and an effective ally were provided. Excellent Project!    ~Sandi L.

This opened my eyes to the problem we have in the world with racism.   ~ Susan K.

This should be mandatory for EVERYONE.

 ~Christina M.


Supporting Organizations

RaisingVoicesUSA, Hispanic Brotherhood of Rockville Centre, Central Synagogue-Beth Emeth, United Church of Rockville Centre, and Sisterhood of CSBE have generously provided us with either minimal  start-up funding and/or support.

In order to continue our work and to keep our eight-week course free of charge, we would greatly appreciate your support through our gofundme link.


With gratitude to Cultural Bridges to Justice for permitting us to use many of their materials.



Please feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns or questions. For answers to FAQs, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

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